Raising a stink

Raising a stink

Waste still continues to be a concern in the city in spite of many waste segregation campaigns. In a move to monitor garbage dumping in the city, the BBMP is planning to install CCTV cameras so that the civic body can identify corners where garbage is often piled up.

While many citizens are supportive of BBMP's plans, others say that this could be just another failed attempt to manage the garbage situation.

Sushma Kaushik, a homemaker from Nagarbhavi 2nd Stage, says that waste is often dumped near stormwater drains across the city.

"This is a common happening at night so that no one spots the perpetrator. Cameras will help identify those who frequently throw garbage in public spaces, including corners of the streets," she says.

One can spot factory waste to hazardous chemicals on the roads and this should be stopped, she points out.  "From glass pieces to harmful liquid waste, anything could be lying on the road and footpath. A dynamic mechanism to spot these miscreants has to be worked out," she says.  

Shreevalli Prasad, a resident of Sahakarnagar,  rubbishes the idea entirely.

"While the intention is good, it looks like an entire scheme where a lot of money will be wasted. Once a spot is identified and a strict fine is levied for illegal garbage disposal, won't the perpetrators be on the lookout for a new place?" she asks.

She says that there should be other feasible options for this situation. "The  BBMP should provide a mandatory dry and wet waste bin for every family and maintain strict collection services so that one doesn't have to step out to dump waste," she adds.    

Mamatha Bharadwaj, an entrepreneur and resident of Rajarajeshwari Nagar, feels that this move will help create fear among citizens.

"I'm not sure how successful the idea would be otherwise. In the long run, people might even mess with the camera. The best way to handle waste segregation and dumping is to cultivate civic sense in one's own locality. During the resident welfare association meetings, one could take mandatory steps for organised waste collection," she says.  

The CCTV cameras could also support the law and order system and monitor all street corners, pitches in Archana Kamath, an IT professional, who stays in Malleswaram.

"This, in turn, will help better the total welfare of every region. There need to be regular interactions between the BBMP and residents of each area to identify blind spots and locate new ones," she says.  

She adds that apart from cameras, big waste bins should also be installed in different localities so that people who are not able to dispose the waste to 'pourakarmikas', can dump the waste at an organised spot, where the collection agents can come and pick it up from.

"The public and civic bodies should work hand in hand for cleaner and healthier surroundings," she adds.

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