BBMP's 'Green app' ignores citizens' sapling orders

BBMP's 'Green app' ignores citizens' sapling orders

The BBMP's 'Green app' launched to distribute free saplings has unofficially stopped working leaving unaware citizens miffed.

It was launched in May this year as a part of the BBMP's initiative to promote people's participation for a greener city.

With nowhere close to its target to distribute at least 10 lakh saplings through the app, the BBMP decided to stop distributing the saplings. It distributed only 2,68,873 saplings through the app until August, when its services were abruptly stopped.

Ideally, a user could place an order for saplings through the app. They have to choose a park in the ward to pick the sapling. BBMP then sends them a confirmation message and a message with details within next 15 days.

However, when DH's reporter downloaded the app and placed an order for saplings, there was no response even after 15 of the confirmation. The app responded with an acknowledgement number for the order which read-"We will notify you where to collect your saplings soon."

Speaking to DH about the app's poor response, Appu Rao, Deputy Conservator of Forest, BBMP said: "Though the app is still available through the Google play store, we have stopped distributing the saplings through the app."

According to Rao, there is no logic in distributing the saplings after the rainy season, "During winter and the summer seasons, saplings may not grow and dry soon. Hence we have stopped giving the saplings. But people can visit BBMP nurseries to pick the saplings."

However, citizens find the logic to be absurd as they tend to the saplings in their personal spaces irrespective of the weather. With no official announcement, several users continue to place orders from the app only to be left waiting.

Padmashree Lokanda, a fashion designer from Basaveshwaranagar, who placed an order for the saplings, said, "I was waiting for the saplings, but there was no response from the BBMP. I also visited the location where the saplings were said to be provided. But there was no sight of anything. This shows the irresponsibility of BBMP." Lokanda found the park's closed and the security to be clueless about the saplings.

"I ordered for neem and cherry saplings, got a confirmation message but after that, there was no response. I have still not received any of them," said Pooja Shree, an agriculture graduate.

The BBMP's app has received 9,670 requests for saplings from the citizens. About 10,000 people have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store so far. The app is basic and has received its share of likes and dislikes. Most of the users are miffed because of the unavailability of saplings.

Number of People ordered Saplings through app: 9,670

Number of Saplings distributed through the app: 2,68,873 (Till August)

Number of People received saplings from BBMP parks and nurseries: 1,30,000

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