12 foetuses found in Ahmedabad garbage dump

12 foetuses found in Ahmedabad garbage dump

According to police, they were tipped off by a telephone caller about the presence of the foetuses in the area. "We have taken their possession and informed the forensic science team," police officer Mansinh Dabhi said.

Of the 12 foetuses, seven were male and five female, he said.
The health department is also looking into the matter.

Police suspect the foetuses were dumped near a garbage dump under the cover of darkness by a maternity hospital or a clinic where these may have been illegally aborted over a period of time.

This is borne out by the fact that one foetus was found stored in a bottle, police said.
While the foetuses have been sent for autopsy, investigators are taking assistance  from the Forensic Science Laboratory here in an effort to nail the culprits.

President of the Ahmedabad Gynaecology Association M S Patel condemned the incident.
"Even if it is bio-medical waste, there is an established procedure for its disposal," he said.