Star Trek: The Future Begins

Space gen:  Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine
‘Star Trek: The Future Begins’ is finally here! The eleventh edition of the hit classic sci-fi series is one of the best in adventure cinema for its magnificent visual view of the epic story aboard the spaceship Enterprise —whose mission is “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life-forms and new civilisations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Rebooting the Star Trek franchise the film takes us to the very beginning of the Star Trek universe story and how the crew of the Enterprise was formed. A time-travelling villain Nero (Eric Bana) comes from the future to the present day to take his revenge against the Federation. The Enterprise’s fresh crew members Spock (Zachary Quinto), James T Kirk (Chris Pine) and others must stop Nero from implementing his evil plan or else the Earth and other planets could be lost forever.

Director J J Abrams instead of focusing on diverse characters sticks to two main characters — one that of slained-captain George Kirk’s son James T Kirk and the other Spock. The diversity in these two characters not only make the plot an engrossing one but are also a source of fun. Speed daredevil young James whose interests include women, whiskey and fights is poles apart with Spock an intelligent young man who suffers emotional distress due to racial prejudices. The other characters are also equally interesting and are given enough  space to leave a psychological mark on the film.

Scripwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman come up with a balanced amalgamation of comedy and emotional equation. They add immense input in the production quality. Without them ‘Star Trek: The Future Begins’ would have the right skeleton but little flesh.
The director’s attention to details in setting and the special effects that follow thereafter also show the enormous amount of work that has gone into this epic film. The motorbikes, cars, weapons and ships are not that flashy as in ‘Star Wars’, but they are impressive.

With its fast-packed action there is no time to get nostalgic for Star Trek fans. Even then newcomers aren’t left wondering either. The script is such that while it remains true to the structural settings of the earlier editions, the new inputs are simple to understand.
From the casting side, Quinto and Pine are at their best representing two opposite ends.
Overall, the film is not perfect but the pace and action override them. Talk less, deliver action, adventure and comedy are the keywords of this film. It’s definitely worth taking this adventure with Team ‘Star Trek’.

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