Interior trends that ruled 2017

Interior trends that ruled 2017

As the curtain falls on 2017, It's time to review the trends in interior decor that made waves through the year. From geometric prints to jewel tones, the year had it all. There were a variety of decor styles and a lot of innovation. Here's a gist of it all.    

Going artisanal  

2017 was all about going artisanal. Craftsmanship and materials with a high level of skill were trending. "Artisanal crafts infuse the space with a beautiful sense of artistry. Such pieces become conversation starters as they have the power to attract the eye with their interesting design and trigger curiosity about their origins, nature and creative process about their story. Investment pieces that are well-made and uniquely crafted became the highlight. Whether it is a chandelier or handcrafted door handles, they all make an impact in the overall scheme of things," says Priyanka Mehra, principal architect, PS Design Mumbai.

For the love of geometry

In recent times, all architectural designs and decor items have been based on geometry. This year, geometric prints and shapes were used a lot. "Geometric shapes, decoration patterns and prints are easy to incorporate and are considered synonymous with modernism. Using square, circular, triangular, cubic and conical-shaped art, artefacts and decor with colour-blocking and zigzag patterns can create personalised and attractive interiors, and give a sophisticated touch as well," says Gita Ramanan, founder, architect and interior designer, Design Cafe.  

Au naturel

Incorporating natural elements in decor was in this season. Be it using plants indoors or using raw wood in furniture or crafting tables and basins from a single block of stone, going natural was trending. Tuhin Roy, co-founder, Jumpinggoose, says, "Infusing natural elements into home decor brings freshness and adds colour. Besides making things look insanely beautiful, there are plants that purify the air and heal us. Fused with unconventional pots, various kinds of indoor plants add distinct appeal to our spaces and have been explored in many innovative ways in home interiors."

Green is clean  

Environment-friendly products were a rage this year. Home gardening and eco-friendly decor items were trending.  "Pantone announced 'greenery' as the colour of the year. Thus, green artificial plants, bamboo seats, indoor vines became popular. Recycled products became a rage. Natural stone products, bamboo lamps and earthy elements were seen throughout the year," says Priyank Varshney, founder,

Generally, people became environmentally conscious and the concept of home gardening and indoor plants was quite popular. "Today's smart gardener is extremely creative and knows how to utilise the limited apartment space. Hence, the demand for vertical gardens, terrariums and succulents is pretty high. Bright and bold-coloured flowers and low-maintenance plants like hydrangeas and succulents are ruling the charts," says Siddhant Bhalinge, founder,

For some shine

This year saw a revival in metallic finishes with trendy metals like copper and brass becoming part of the mainstream. The brushed finish of different metals saw a lot of interest and expression in interior projects. Colours like emerald, deep turquoise, true pink, ruby red, citrine were all used on various surfaces.

"We saw it being used in fabrics, on furniture and countertops for bars and coffee tables. Jewel-coloured glassware was used extensively as accessories. These accessories instantly brightened up spaces, especially when flooded with natural light. A pair of bright chairs can add a lot of jazz is an otherwise dull living room," says Priyanka.

Prints & patterns

Tropical prints was a seasonal trend and very popular, which added tropical vitality to interiors in summer. Tropical prints are colourful and vibrant, which make the interiors exuberant, fresh and alive. "The purpose of using such prints is to bring the outside indoors and feel closer to nature. The year saw tropical prints in upholstery, bed linens, curtains, wall designs," adds Gita.

Spotlight's on the wall

Wall art was a rage this year and found its true presence through various expressions in interiors. "This year saw a mix and match of patterns, colour and designs. It's also a great idea to fill your bare walls with beautiful art and that instantly adds an artistic touch to your decor. Be it monochromatic or with pop colour, outline art with metallic treatment or pop art-inspired wall art, 2017 saw it all and we reckon it's here to stay," says Tuhin.

Save some space

Beautiful and space-saving designs dominated furniture trends in 2017. Space shortage in metropolitan cities has triggered a tilt in favour of smart decor options. Furniture makers have utilised the opportunity well, delivering compact utility pieces with cutting-edge designs. ''Adjustable tables and chairs, understair closet spaces, multifunctional centre tables, shelve spaces under tables and beds have been popular this year. Working adults in the age group of 25 to 35 are looking for space savers like never before, yet unwilling to compromise on aesthetics. Emphasis is on creating unique work and living spaces, with a distinct character. Indian designers are pushing boundaries to build an innovative repository," says Dhruvin Patel, director, HOF Furniture System.

Keep it minimal

Inspired by Japanese and Nordic trends, the idea here is to keep things minimalistic and simple. "The word minimalistic defines it all. People are concerned about their moods and want to enhance their interiors with a play of colours and light. Hence, this adds to the minimalistic character with lesser physical elements and a beautiful design," says Suchit Beria, principal architect, Atman Architects.

"What kept trending were monochromatic colour schemes with a hint of pastels and warm tonalities. Lighting plays an important role in a setup like this and textures add a lot of value to the look and feel," says Tuhin.


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