Happiness begins at home

Happiness begins at home

A perfect weekend to me means two days without any rigid plans. I like being in the comfort of my home, doing my own thing and just relaxing. Staying away from the humdrum of the city is my ideal break, any given day. I love simple things and quiet places are what I seek.  

I live with my mother Girija and brother Ashwin and like any other family,  we have our own way of  spending time with each other. My mother and brother take care of our garden while I watch them from a distance. I enjoy walking in the garden when they are done, especially when everything looks green and inviting.  

I love the swing at home and relaxing on it with a cup of coffee. As a child, I had a swing in my grandfather's house in Kolar, which is why I wanted one at home too. Whenever I have some time, I just sit on the swing and slip into my own world.    

When  Ashwin and I are at home, we like cooking together, especially when there are other people at home. I like to keep things very simple like whipping up a 'Tiramisu'.  I believe that I am a better cook than my brother but nothing can beat our mother's cooking. The last time Ashwin and I cooked together, we made some  pizzas and experimented with unusual toppings. They turned out great. Cooking has proved to be therapy for me.    

Pets have been a big part of our household and we have always had dogs. It's a lot of fun to be around four-legged friends as they give unconditional love. I'm currently training for my upcoming film in Ooty with labrador Charlie and having loads of fun bonding with him. We are experiencing some 'pawsome time together'.  

Apart from this, if it's the frisbee season, I go for practice as early as six in the morning. I love playing it and I play for a team called 'Airbenders'. It's a fantastic sport where men and women play together and there are no referees; it is self-officiated. One could play the sport in any city. The high that I get from this sport is like none other.  

I used to be a regular at the gym but I took a brief break in between. I am back after my hiatus though and have been religiously working  out  again.  

I also take off on my cycle to places like Hesaraghatta or Nandi Hills.  
Cycling  makes one connect to nature more intimately. You notice the smallest of things when you cycle. I also like cars and driving gives me a happy high too. I often head out without a fixed destination in my head. It usually ends at a place which has good food. I remember being in Hassan (during the shoot of 'Kirik Party' at Malnad College of Engineering) and someone told me that one could find good  food in Gorur village and I went there.

From Bengaluru, there have been instances when I got behind the wheel and headed off to Hampi, without a plan, enjoyed delicious food and came back.    

I don't like to plan even the most elaborate trips, I just like taking off. I love travelling alone and exploring new places. However, there is nothing like going on roadtrips with a bunch of old friends. I don't like heading to the same place though. Though I am an actor now and travel a lot for work, I still like travel for leisure.

From time to time, everyone needs an adrenaline fix and that is why I turn to adventure sports. I have tried skydiving and rafting and enjoyed it too. I definitely want to try bungee jumping. These activities are a good change from the routine.

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