State-level Muslim meet from April 24

State-level Muslim meet from April 24

Speaking to mediapersons here, Islamic Da’Wa Centre Vice President Yunous Kaup informed that the conference is held under the guidance of Markazi Jamiyat-E-Ahle Hadees India General Secretary Sheik Asgar Ali Imam Mehdi.

The prominent talkers in the conference include Sheik Zafarulla Hasan Madani, Sheik Md Muqeem Faizi Madani, Sheik Abdul Salam Madani, Sheik Abdul Muyeed Madani, Sheik Abdul Wakeel, Sheik Mohammed Zubiar and Sheik Abdul Gafoor, he added.


The issues like impact of superstitions practiced by Muslim community, dowry, deteriorating status of women, and education for girls will be discussed in the conference, Yunous Kaup said.

Jamayet-E Ahlehadees Karnataka and Goa Joint Secretary B Munvar Ali Mudibidre, Islamic Da’Wa Centre Campaigner Sheik Sanavullah Umari, Coordinator K Faisal Ahmed Hoode and others were present.