Tourists enthused by crowd, culture show

Tourists enthused by crowd, culture show

It is like a carnival, shouted a Greek tourist at the Vidhana Soudha.

She was instantly corrected by a policeman on duty: "No Madam this is Bengaluru Habba, a local festival."

A team of 16 tourists, who are on South India tour under the Incredible India umbrella, were enthused by the crowd and cultural display at the Bengaluru Habba.

They said that they had heard about the Vidhana Soudha as a high-security zone.

But were merrily surprised on seeing the gates of the seat of power being opened for visitors and tourists.

Babis Bizas, a tour operator from Greece, said that he came to Bengaluru 20 years back. He exclaimed that the city has drastically changed since then.

"Earlier, I was not allowed to see the Vidhana Soudha from inside the gates. But now it's not just me, but even my other tourist friends have been allowed inside," he said.

He added that the government should do this more often as it will help increase the number of tourists.

Warm and casual

He pointed that life and culture in Bengaluru were more casual and warm when compared to other parts of India.

"Here things are more visible and tangible. The architecture, ancient culture, temples and monuments are more open to tourists when compared to other parts of India. However, there is a visible drastic infrastructure change. Some monuments have remained the same, while some have disappeared. While the city is modernising, it should also protect its roots," he added.

The tourists were delighted to see the Vidhana Soudha from inside. They were seen interacting with security officials, learning their working and history of the building.

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