Ways to deal with exam stress

Ways to deal with exam stress

What comes to your mind first when you think of exams? Stress! Well, that is nothing to worry about. Exams and stress go hand in hand. The right amount of stress can act as a booster for you to achieve more. On the other hand, unnecessary stress can show itself in different ways like stomach cramps, overeating, loss of appetite etc. How you deal with this type of stress all depends on you. Would you choose to let it be your downfall or use it to drive you to improve your work?

Here are some ways that will help you bring out the best in you even while you are experiencing stress! To avoid crippling anxiety at the time of exams, here are some suggestions that will clear your mind and give you the understanding as to how to deal with stress.

Take notes

Taking down notes right from the time your classes start is extremely crucial. When exams are around the corner, this can be a life saviour and can save you from any last minute stress. You can also make comprehensive notes of each subject and topic so that at the last moment you could easily go through these notes.

Keep things in context

The exams may appear like the most critical thing at the present time. Be that as it may, keep in mind that they only play a small role. So, if you ever experience bouts of negativity, make a conscious effort to think positively with thoughts such as 'I can do this' and 'I have done it sometime recently, so I can do it again'. Actively challenge your considerations, good and bad. Regard yourself for taking this course and getting this far, whatever the result may be.

Time management

When you have a lot of material to study but too little time, you may experience some anxiety. To avoid it, plan your studies well. One way to do so is by planning 50-minute study sessions on your own and taking five to 10 minutes breaks in between.

Also, avoid last minute crippling. At this time, focus on topics that you are good at and avoid topics you feel that you are not confident in. Wasting time on such topics will only increase the stress.

Past papers

Practise using questions in the coursebook. Talk to your lecturer on what you can expect in the exam and what topics are important from an exam point of view. Manage your time well. Practise as much as you can using questions that have appeared in exams previously. This will build up your confidence in attempting the examination.

Be calm the night before

Rest well the night prior to the exam. Reach the venue where your exam is being held early. It is essential to keep a track of time during the exams. So, wear a watch or sit in a place where you can see the clock.

Keep negativity at bay

Avoid caffeine the night before and on the day of the exam. Keep away from things which may increase your stress levels. Avoid things that may put you on the edge.

With these tips in hand, having a stress-free exams period will be a reality.

(The author is co-founder, Talent4Assure, New Delhi)

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