Resolutions that weren't

Some wit said that new year resolutions are made only to be broken. We make a lot of promises to many people, including our better halves that we shall be ideal spouses and that we shall love them like Shajahan did Mumtaz and things like that.

Very recently, that is on the first day of the new year, I fervently made a resolution to not smoke anymore. I was heeding the precious advice given to me by Dr Binoy, one of my good friends. He told me to stop smoking and start drinking! That was quite an attractive suggestion and I obeyed him like a faithful dog. Came the whisky-filled new year parties and, on each occasion, I enjoyed with my friends.

A few days later, after a couple of drinks, I met a friend who is settled in the US. He had some lovely cigarettes with him of my once favourite brand - Craven A. My friend was already smoking and the aroma tempted me so much that I requested him for a fag. My tryst with no smoking was gone with the wind. Promise broken, I smoked about six cigarettes! What a fool I was to have made a promise and broken the same after three days.

I used to have fights with my wife almost every week. This time around, for the new year, we both made a promise never to fight anymore; and we kept the promise for two solid days. Last night, I was not feeling well when she asked to go for a late night movie. I got angry and told her to go to hell. We haven't spoken to each other since that unfortunate incident. Strange, indeed, are these promises.

I am not much into institutionalised religion. I do not like the recital of prayers over and over again and things like that. But my wife wanted to put an end to my rebellious nature and mildly nudged me to attend the mass during the new year. The priest was surprised to see me in the church and was curious to know the reason for this sudden change of mind.

I got irritated and told him, among other things, that the church was not his private property and that he sets a bad example as the vicar. The priest, too, got annoyed and spoke in a very unfriendly manner. The argument resulted in a firm decision (this time not to be broken) to not visit the church anymore, at least as long that Vicar continued in our parish.

My friends, we humans are weak and cannot practise any good thing permanently to make ourselves feel better. But, I wish you all the best!

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