Canadian police yet to begin probe against former NRI MP

The police on Thursday said it continues to evaluate the allegations made against Jaffer and his spouse Guergis but would not say if, in fact, it has begun a formal investigation into her conduct.

"It is the RCMP's policy that, should it decide to initiate an investigation, it will not disclose that fact until charges are laid or the investigation ends," police said.Derrick Snowdy, the Toronto private detective whose disclosures led to Guergis's an official investigation into an aspect of the case, said that he met with RCMP officer twice this week and handed over documents, audio recordings and data that he thought was relevant to the police.
"Everything has now been turned over to them and I think we can say safely say they are satisfied and moving forward," Snowdy said.

"We're already in an investigation. They said, 'We're in the middle of an investigation,'" Snowdy added.The RCMP neither confirmed nor denied Snowdy's claim, but has already said it's been looking into the matter since Prime Minister Stephen Harper referred the case to them on April 8.

One of the companies Jaffer's firm pitched to the government for a grant said it had no idea the government was being approached on its behalf.Another is the firm that Jaffer's wife Guergis, former Conservative cabinet minister, recommended to a local municipal official.
However, ethics commissioner Mary Dawson said: "She doesn't have enough information to warrant an investigation."Dawson said she has put the matter referred to her by Harper "on hold."

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