Eco-conscious stars

Eco-conscious stars

going green  Imran Khan with  the new gift.

Bollywood star Abhay Deol is now the official brand ambassador of The Climate Project – India. He came on board with only one condition — he would practice what he preached.So Abhay has decided to implement a list of to-dos in his day-to-day life and in the process, transform himself from a reel life to a real life hero, who saves the planet and saves the day.

Abhay’s green journey has already begun as he got his first piece of action in his kitchen, his garbage bin. Abhay now has two separate bins of garbage — one for dry and other for wet waste.

Everyday, garbage is collected from our homes and makes way to dumping grounds where ragpickers separate it, most of which is already contaminated by virtue of having been dumped together. India may have a high recycling rate, but it’s not done in the most humane way.

By separating garbage in our home, we can convert wet waste like vegetable
peels and leftover food that normally contaminates recyclable waste, into compost and use it as fertiliser for our plants. Our dry, recyclable waste can then be sold directly to local radhiwalas or ragpickers. 

Speaking about this initiative, Abhay exclaimed, “Everyday, we unconsciously add to the rising concern of global warming. I feel very privileged to be associated with the project wherein I can make a conscious effort in curbing this global threat that has left us no
escape but to make a call of action.”

Not only Abhay, even Imran Khan has joined him in this endeavour. Abhay has presented him with a gold bin and Imran is more than happy to be a patron. “I cherish this opportunity where I can lend a helping hand to my friend in a cause so crucial and being a part of which is so simple,” says Imran Khan.

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