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Last Updated 19 January 2018, 17:58 IST

There's something about smaller eateries that draw the crowd. In this case, it's the food offered at 'California Burrito' that brings foodies together.

Started by two Americans who wanted to bring a bit of home to our country, 'California Burrito' has made its new home on Bannerghatta Road. Though it's been a few months since it opened its new branch there, it's still a place that many foodies rave about.

The ambience isn't big enough to hold a large party but if you're someone who needs to grab a quick bite, this is just ideal for you.

The menu offered here is self-explanatory. You just have to take your pick from what you want and the toppings and protein will follow. If you're in the mood for a rice bowl, top it with 'Peri Peri Chicken' or 'BBQ Chicken' and vegetables of your choice.

Though you might think that the bowl will not suffice you, hold that thought! Some even struggle to finish that delicious rice bowl. Each ingredient is well-cooked and no matter which topping you choose to add, rice bowls are always a winner.

As the name suggests, burritos are one of their specialities. Again, the quantity is good enough to fill you up and wish that you could take a nap after.   If you're a vegetarian, you can opt for the 'Mexican Paneer Burrito' or 'Peri Peri Potato'.

For non-vegetarians, You have the option of 'Mexican Chicken' and 'BBQ Chicken', among others. As it's supposed to be, burritos are a little messy to eat, but saving the sauce that's dripping from your hand is also the fun part of enjoying a burrito.

'Tacos' here are also a must-try. Choose your protein and topping and bite into the cheesy taco. If you want something a bit more filling, the 'Quesadillas'
are recommended. They offer' Chilli Cheese Wave', 'Mexican Veg Fiesta' and 'Cheesy Chicken Dominator'.

Though the menu is small, there's something for everyone here. like nachos and salad too. If you want extra guacamole or spicy mayo, don't shy away from asking!

You should be warned that apart from the great quantity and quality offered, do tell the serves how much spice you want to be added to your dish.

'California Burrito' is located on 17, Bannerghatta Main Road, Sundar Ram Shetty Nagar, Panduranga Nagar.

(Published 19 January 2018, 12:14 IST)

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