Some used horse power, some the horse

Some used horse power, some the horse

Some used horse power, some the horse

 Corporator Y N Ashwath of Kempegowda Nagar ward arrives dressed like the founder of Bangalore for the BBMP Mayor election on Friday in Bangalore. dh photo
Most turned up with a clear diktat of electing a mayor, but some others hoped against hope for that glimpse of an outside chance of being Mayor of Bangalore.

In the mix was one man, who was determined to be the star of the show, irrespective of who was elected Mayor, and clearly stole the limelight from the rest. Y N Ashwath, corporator from ward number 1, Kempegowda Nagar in Yelahanka could have been mistaken for either someone who was caught in a time warp or having come straight from a theatrical performance.

Making his way through the snarl of some very big cars, Ashwath rode on a horse with sword in hand. Dressed as Kempe Gowda, the legendary chieftain of Yelahanka, Ashwath’s entrance for the oath taking ceremony was complete with drum beats announcing his arrival. He came, he saw and conquered all the attention.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Ashwath said: “I am dressed as Kempe Gowda in honour of the Raja of Yelahanka. I hope to emulate him and what he did for Bangalore.” He also proudly added that his imagination had been successful in attracting the attention of the media and colleagues like no one else did on the day.

But unlike Kempe Gowda I, this modern day imitation did not quite come galloping all the way from Yelahanka. He simply hopped onto a hired horse with hired costumes from behind the BBMP headquarters and promptly vacated the scene in a trendy car after taking his oath. However, he did take the oath in the name of Kempe Gowda.

The only person who seemed unimpressed with Ashwath’s antics was the real owner of the horse Fairoz, who was seen loitering around with his beast even after the corporator’s disappearance into the Council. Fairoz, who had rented out the horse for Rs 2,000 was disappointed that there was no tip in store for him.

Meanwhile, women corporators from reserved wards, who turned up with husbands in tow took their infantile steps into the cauldron of the Council.

Burkha-clad Farida Ishtiyak Ahmad, the corporator of Shivajinagar, and Chalawadi Palya corporator Rekha Kadiresh of the BJP reluctantly left their husbands behind while entering the Council hall.

But each glance towards their spouses was met with reassuring gestures and words of encouragement as they made their way inside.