Sai Baba on Betrayal

Sai Baba on Betrayal

Almost all of us have been betrayed at one time or the other. Or, perhaps we have outselves betrayed someone. Historically, Judas Iscariot, may be one of the most known turncoats. He betrayed his Lord Jesus for money. Betrayal can be the result of greed, lust, pride, envy, anger, jealolusy etc.

According to the beloved Poorna Avatar, Sathya Sai Baba, "Tradition-minded and egoistic men considered Jesus a false prophet and they tried by every means to thwart his mission. Jesus, however, did not waver. Faced with opposition, he continued to be an example of living Truth, and to purify society. Many disciples followed Jesus but throughout history, it has been the experience of Raama, Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad that disciples however close are seldom fully dedicated. Most are only part-time devotees."

Some devotees call on their precepter only in times of need. This is a kind of betrayal of the self, perhaps. Spiritual Master Sathya Sai said, "Jesus had 12 disciples, most of whom had faith in him and lived his teachings. But, Judas yielded to greed. He betrayed his Master for a mere 30 coins. He could not find joy in life after this treachery. His mind gave him no peace. He had to seek refuge in suicide."

What a dire outcome. There is no religion that endorses suicide. In fact, in some sacred texts the act is considered a ticket to hell……for uncertain periods of time.

After his Mahasamadhi, reportedly thousands of devotees ran to other gurus. Some never returned. However, there are Swami Sai's own words about such an act.

He had taught long before he left his body, "Betrayal by people who pretend to adore is happening since ages. Corrupt, greedy and selfish people spread falsehoods about their own Masters. We hear of a Judas, 2000 years ago. But in the Kali Age, people are obsessed with money and Judases have multiplied. They seek to amass paltry riches whereas good character, good conduct and knowledge of God are the three real treasures to be gathered. Land and buildings, silver and gold, dollars and other currencies are temporary and trivial. They are possessions only until life lasts. But those three treasures will stay on, sustain and strengthen you until you attain union with the Infinite."