Here's a lookbook for your home

Here's a lookbook for your home

Homes are considered a window into our personalities. The look and feel of a house are asserted by the choice of colours, fabrics and the design and aesthetics of our furniture and home decor. Colours are an insightful indicator of what emotion we want our homes to reflect. Be it a warm cosy ambience or a spacious contemporary design or a minimalistic setting, there is always a colour that defines every kind of home.

Pantone has declared the colour of the year as ultraviolet. The next obvious question is, what kind of a home would the colour suit best for? Well, the radiance of this rich shade can fit seamlessly in various parts of the home, provided the shade is blended well with the furniture and decor pieces in the room.  

So, here's a quick lookbook to bring the magnificence of the shade to life in different sections of your home:


For the living room

First impressions are vital. Whether you have a flair for the bold look, or you're up for a soothing minimalistic aura, an ultraviolet sofa or couch is your best bet to enliven  your living space and create an impressionable first look.

Bedroom matters

Bedroom designs typically involve a lot of aesthetic value and embody the true sensibility of the owners. An ultraviolet upholstered sofa chair can be a quiet companion to your bedroom decor, which will not only be subtle but will also add a dash of brightness to your space.

A touch of violet in the bath

Bath decor is no longer a compartmentalised afterthought in the home furnishing space. Adding an ultraviolet hue to your bathroom decor can instantly rejuvenate the mood in your bath space. A scented ultraviolet candle can be a simple but refreshing addition to your bathroom and can fit seamlessly into any kind of bath decor.  


When you work from home

In today's times when 'work from home' has become a popular concept, it is imperative to create your own workspace at home. But there needs to be a balance between making the space work-ready and blending it in with the rest of the home decor. A minimalistic room setting with functional furniture will facilitate productivity, while a dainty touch of ultraviolet on your chair can add some drama to the monotony.  


A personalised nook

Finally, it's time for the most important part of your home. No matter where and how you live, everyone has a corner in the house that belongs to them. Typically, this space is decked up with intricate detail and reflects the most authentic version of the residents. While your personal nook is entirely done up at your discretion, a comfortable and cosy ultraviolet cushion will blend it perfectly in it and add a spirited look to your space.

Bring the liveliness of the Pantone colour of the year into your home and brighten up different sections of your living space.

(The author is director - design & VM, Urban Ladder)

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