'The film belongs to my father'

'The film belongs to my father'

'The film belongs to my father'

Actor Aishwarya Arjun, who has been working on 'Prema Baraha' for over a year terms her role in the film as intense. 'Prema Baraha' which has released today is written and directed by actor-director Arjun Sarja.

Aishwarya points out that she was given three scripts by her father and she chose this one because she found the story and characterisation extremely challenging. The film is a love story but a very different one.

In an interview with Nina C George, Aishwarya talks about her foray into the Kannada film industry.

How do you feel after the release of 'Prema Baraha'?

The reviews are still pouring in but somehow I feel still and many people say that it's a good sign . The film belongs to my father because he has worked to make every little detail interesting.

How was it to play a journalist?

Portraying my character has made me a stronger person. All the films made by my father have a patriotic flavour to them and this one is no different. It is not easy to portray the life of a journalist because they have to report and ensure that the story flows in a certain format. I am sure any actor would have loved to play such a character because it is versatile and intense.

How was it to have Chandan as a costar?

Chandan and I had to attend a lot of rehearsals and workshops. These sessions helped me know him better. The good rapport that we shared off screen has strengthened our performance.

How was it to work under the direction of your father?

I belong to the third generation of actors and there's a lot of expectation from family and friends. I knew that I had to excel in my work because I was being introduced by my father. I couldn't afford to falter.

The film has a lot of songs. Let us about it?

Every song in the film has been strategically placed and has a purpose for being there. The introduction song has my father, Chandan and me grooving to peppy tunes. There's another song with Darshan in it. The 'Hanuman song' has become a favourite among the youth and 'Manase Manase' has already crossed five lakh views online.