'No touching of feet' in UP office

'No touching of feet' in UP office

A top education official in Uttar Pradesh's Baharaich district got a notice pasted on the bulletin board of his office strictly prohibiting the culture of 'Touching Feet' in the office.

The officer through notice conveyed to all concerned that they must not touch his feet under any circumstances.

The district inspector of schools (DIOS) Rajendra Kumar Pandey, who got the notice pasted in his office, said that he was tired of the ''sycophants'', and hence the notice.

''Touching of the feet of the elders is part of our tradition...it is aimed at getting the blessings of the elders but here people touch feet as part of flattery to get their works done...there is no respect involved,'' Pandey said.

The official said that his subordinates and others, including senior teachers, would rush to touch his feet the moment he alighted from his vehicle, which was not only sycophancy but also resulted in wastage of time.

The teachers and other employees, however, expressed doubts if the step would prevent the 'sycophants' from getting their works done.

''The senior officials themselves encourage sycophancy....they like people to bow before them and to pay them respect,'' said an employee.

They also said that such a step would deter those, who touch the feet of their elders to pay their genuine respect and get their blessings, which was unfortunate.