Restaurants spot keto opportunity

Restaurants spot keto opportunity

Restaurants spot keto opportunity

A diet called ketogenic or keto is catching on among those keen on shedding some kilos. It is high in fats, low in carbohydrates and includes some protein. And restaurants in Bengaluru are now catering to keto dieters.

So how does it work?

Usually, the carbs that you eat are converted into glucose, the source of your energy. But when you stop consuming carbs, your body burns the fat instead of the carbohydrates.

That's when your liver converts these fats into fatty acids and ketone bodies. These bodies are water-soluble molecules that replace glucose as your energy source. The process is called ketosis.

Is it a fad?

A keto diet is definitely an easy method to shed weight as you don't need to exercise.

Some restaurants in the city are stepping in to curate ketogenic meals for those hard-pressed for time.

Swasti Aggarwal, food strategist at Foodhall, says, "We offer items like guacamole, coconut yogurt, marinated meats, tofu, ghee and cold-pressed oils, nuts and seeds, high-fat dairy and cheese."

The diet looks at keto alternatives to more common ingredients.

"For example, instead of using flour, you can use almond or coconut flour. Similarly, you can use stevia instead of sugar and coconut yoghurt instead of regular yoghurt," Swati explains.

Vegetarians can adopt this diet as long as they are consuming enough proteins. Paneer or cottage cheese is a good option for those who want to do the keto diet on a vegetarian menu.

Gautam Krishnankutty, chef and co-owner at The Smoke Company, says he added keto to the menu of Café Thulp after he personally experienced its benefits.

"I was 128 kg and terribly unhealthy. So I started the keto diet three years ago. I've dropped 90 kg and feel more alive, energetic and healthy than I have ever felt before," he says. Apart from the keto menu he offers at Café Thulp, he is working on a menu at The Smoke Company as well.

"I'm surprised more restaurants don't cater to the low-carb community. Although I do see some signs on some menus, it's nowhere where it should be, considering the popularity of the keto lifestyle these days," he opines.

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