Sessions court rejects Mohammed Haris Nalapad's bail plea

Sessions court rejects Mohammed Haris Nalapad's bail plea

Sessions court rejects Mohammed Haris Nalapad's bail plea

The 62nd city civil and sessions court rejected the bail petition filed by Mohammed Haris Nalapad and six others in the Bengaluru pub attack case.

Nalapad, the prime accused, is the son of Congress MLA N A Haris.

Judge Parameshwara Prasanna B rejected the bail petition on the grounds that the victim, Vidwath L, is not in a condition to give a statement to the investigation officer.

"By considering the nature of accusations against the petitioner (Nalapad), nature of evidence in support thereof, the nature of injuries sustained by the victim, pendency of further investigation, reasonable apprehension of witnesses being tampered with and the larger interest of the public and state, I am of the considered opinion that the petitioner is not entitled to bail at least till the completion of investigation (sic)," the judge stated in the order.

"There is prima facie (based on the first impression) and reasonable ground at this stage for believing that the accused has committed the alleged offences. The offence under Section 307 of IPC is punishable with imprisonment for life (sic)," the judge observed.

"If bail is granted, there is a chance of causing a threat to witnesses and he (Nalapad) may abscond. There are also chances of committing a similar offence if bail is granted," the judge added. 



Nalapad, who allegedly has a history of violent behaviour, was a member of the Congress party until his suspension due to the incident. He was an aspiring youth political leader and social worker, according to reports and social media posts.

The incident has become a huge embarrassment for sitting Congress MLA N A Haris and for the Congress Party in the lead-up to the Karnataka Assembly elections this Summer.

Ironically, Nalapad has previously spoken at colleges and a TEDx event in Bengaluru on topics such as preventing drug abuse and good behaviour.

Bengalureans have expressed outrage over the incident. Opinions on social media has been largely negative, although some constituents have come out in support of the tarnished youth leader.





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