Support of other states sought to curb weapon smuggling

Support of other states sought to curb weapon smuggling

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy, on Saturday, sought the support of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh governments' support to curb weapon smuggling in the state.

Speaking to reporters, here, the minister said that the weapons available in these states easily reach the prospective buyers in Karnataka. "The weapons such as pistols and revolvers, are being supplied to the underworld gangsters from these states. It is possible to curb the criminal activities only if measures are taken to address the problem at the grass-root level. The governments must consider our appeal and act against the issue seriously," he said.

Operation launched

In order to curb smuggling of weapons in the state, the officials have launched an operation. The senior police officers are in touch with neighboring state officers and are exchanging information, he said.

Replying to the BJP's comment that law and order has collapsed in the state, Reddy said that the crime rates are high in Uttar Pradesh represented by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. "UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself is facinga a murder charge. The BJP leaders have no right to comment against the Karnataka government," he said.