'Young writers have the freshest stories'

'Young writers have the freshest stories'

Australian script editor Claire Dobbin could never imagine working in any other sphere except on scripts. Having set out to be a script editor, Claire is a popular name in the film circuits and is one of the most sought-after script editors across the world. She is best known for her work on films like 'Power without Glory', 'Dimboola' and 'With Love to the Person Next to Me.' Claire, who was in the city recently to conduct a workshop at Biffes, took time off to chat with Nina C George about her journey so far.

What does your work entail?

I work with writers to look at their screenplays and work out what it is that they would like to say and help them realise their vision. I don't impose my views but instead tell them what to write and ask them plenty of questions which I hope will help them draw out more ideas to strengthen their screenplay.

Are you familiar with the Kannada film industry?

I have never worked for the Kannada film industry but I have heard that they made 250 films last year and that it is the fifth biggest screen industry in India. I have also heard that the scripts are not as well-developed as they could be and that there isn't a culture of developing scripts because it is an independent industry. This is something that needs to be worked upon.

What do you think needs to change in the world of screenwriting?

Screenwriting always need more development because the world is changing at a competitive pace and storytelling too has become more competitive.

What is your advice to aspiring screenwriters?

I would advice them to take their time and work with writers, script editors and directors to develop their projects because screenwriting is a matter of discovering one's story.

What are the flaws that you come across in screenwriting?

I don't find flaws. The young writers have the freshest stories but sharpening their technique takes time. People need time to make the strongest choices for their screenplays. Art is a constant process of renewal and about making things better. People should focus on how to do that.

Do you find flaws when you watch a movie?

I try not to find flaws when I watch a movie. I shut out that part of me and try to enjoy the movie. But if I don't like a film then I subsequently talk about it during my workshops.

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