No women here, sorry

No women here, sorry

No women here, sorry

They are making big strides, but  are still not represented in some  areas of life. Metrolife looks at  spaces considered too 'manly'



Ever seen a woman mechanic at your neighbourhood auto workshop? Anish, owner of Trend Automobiles in Bommanahalli, says women are not usually hired because of the 'hardship' involved. "Jobs like tinkering, painting, lifting heavy objects and replacing tyres cannot be done by women because of the labour involved. The erratic work timings may also not be suitable for a woman," he says. 



Nagaraj, owner of a agency that hires bouncers, says women are hired to check bags and scan women guests at the doors. But no women are hired as bouncers at pubs, bars and restaurants. "We don't have women bouncers because the locations are sometimes remote, and they have to work really late. We would put the safety of women at risk if we appoint them as bouncers. Not all women are equipped to handle unruly mobs," he says.


Shivakumar, a cobbler of VSN Footwear, a cobbler shop in Indiranagar near the Metro station, says women do not enter a cobbler's profession. "Women cannot do the kind rough jobs that we do. We don't know what kind of customers come to us and we start our day early and work late. We make ourselves comfortable by the roadside and use makeshift spaces to carry out our jobs," he says. He also feels availability of footwear for as little as Rs 100 has hit the cobbler business.


Fire fighters


K U Ramesh, Director, Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services says that they are not against hiring women but he points out that there are no women hired in the operational side of the fire and safety department. "We don't want to involve women in any job where her safety, security and modesty is jeopardised. It is physically difficult for women to perform some of the tasks involved in the operational side. Their health condition may not permit them to work in hazardous conditions. This is the only reason why women are absent in this section of our department," explains Ramesh.


Delivery people  


The senior manager of a popular food delivery chain says that women are not hired on the delivery side the operations because of safety concerns. "We don't hire women for food delivery because there are many risks involved. We get orders from the really remote places and the timings are very odd. Sometimes, we start our day as early as 5 am and work till late. These timings are not suitable for women," says the senior manager.

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