Strumming through life

Strumming through life

I don't wait for weekends to do things that I enjoy. I look at every day as a new day and I make the best of it. I also don't believe in planning or even preparing for a weekend.

I begin my day with meditation. This helps calm my mind, prepares me to cope with stress and face challenges. There was a time when I could never get myself to do meditation or even yoga because I am by nature a very restless person and I cannot stay calm and quiet.
But my perception towards meditation changed after I attended a meditation course.

I was so rejuvenated by the end of it that I slowly became addicted to it. Now my day is incomplete with a round of meditation and yoga.

I also focus on staying fit but I don't believe in going to a gym. I am an outdoor person. I enjoy jogging and karate sessions.

I began learning karate a while ago, thanks to a friend. I believe women should learn self-defence because this gives them the confidence to protect themselves in any situation. Women don't have to feel helpless.

Cooking is another favourite indulgence. I don't enjoy the regular method of cooking and concentrate on making oil-free healthy food. It could be anything from making an energy bar to a vegetable-based dishes. I also experiment a great deal with fruit juices.

But having said that I must add that I also have my cravings. I cannot resist 'pani puri' and chocolate cakes. Cinema has always been a part of my life. I am an actor by choice and not by chance. Watching movies are a big part of my weekend plan and I prefer watching it on the big screen. Not many people know that I am an ardent biker. I used to borrow my friend's bikes when I was in college and ride it. My parents were very scared to buy me a bike because of the safety issues.
It is after a lot of convincing that I got them to agree to buy me a car (much later that is).

I love my bike rides because I experience a sense of freedom and confidence.
I don't have many friends but I adore the ones that I have.

I make time to spend with them during the weekend. I also make sure that I spend time alone because this gives me a chance to plan my future and understand the present better.

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