Vijay ponders destiny ahead of directorial debut

Vijay ponders destiny ahead of directorial debut

Actor Vijay Raghavendra is all geared up with his directorial venture 'Kismath'...

Vijay ponders destiny ahead of directorial debut

Actor Vijay Raghavendra is all geared up with his directorial venture 'Kismath' that is awaiting  the certificate from the Censor board. The actor-director strongly believes that story will be a crowd-puller. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about 'Kismath' and his upcoming project.

'Kismath' seems to be an exciting film. Tell us about your journey with it.    

The film is really close to me.  Its song  is being shared  widely and people are showering the team with a lot of positive feedback. As for me, I only wanted to produce the movie and not direct it. The story was convincing and it  was after an intense discussion with family and friends that I decided to direct it. I couldn't have done it alone though, we had a really good team.

What are the highlights of the film?

The film is about a series of incidents that happens in one day and how a man handles different battles through this period.  Each of us has gone through such a phase, where whatever one tries, it is only when destiny decides to be kind to you that things fall in place. This  connect is the biggest  attraction of the film.  

Do you  believe in destiny?  

I do. I believe that everything is prewritten. I have always believed that if a film is destined to have me in it, it will no matter what.  

Are there any projects you feel you shouldn't have done?

There are so many. Without listing any names, I would just like to say that it was destiny that I had to be a part of them. All the films I did were good lessons though.

How closely do you connect to 'Kismath'?

The story of the movie is very impressive. There was a time when I was actually written off from the industry but I held on and 'Khushi' and other good movies happened. I feel that everyone will connect to the movie just like I did

Realistic  stories seem to be the trend now...

Today's audience likes watching movies which they can connect to. I believe that  this movie will change the language of cinema as the characters, screenplay, the momentum of the film and narration are strikingly different. It is a new-age film.

What elements make a perfect new-age film?

Every commercial film has a list of dos and don'ts that it goes by. A new-age film contains a lot of don'ts. The protagonist is shown as a normal being in it. Movie buffs today connect to a film better when the hero is shown as suffering and later revolts, and not just be a macho all the time.

Any other films in the pipeline?

I'm working on 'Pardesi c/o London' at present. The title of the film has got everyone thinking and everyone wants to know if the film will be shot in London or not.  All I can say as of now is that I am the 'pardesi'. We have shot a week in Bellary and will be shooting our next schedule in Bengaluru.