Water, the elixir of life and health

Water, the elixir of life and health

Water is one of the three essential basics (air and light being the other two) to the creation and existence of life. It holds true to its saying that 'where there is water, there is life'.

Mankind understood the importance of water from the ancient times and it played an important role in the development of the modern world, the world where we live in today.

Leonardo da Vinci once quoted, "Water is the driving force of all nature". The total mass of the earth is about two-thirds water. Most of the things that we survive on, live on and contain water – fruit, vegetable and perhaps everything. Even the human body is about 60% water.

On March 22 every year, World Water Day is observed across the globe. The observance is an effort to focus on the significance of water, on the importance of access to clean water and to educate people to on water-related issues and take due measures to overcome the challenges of water pollution, safe and drinking water scarcity and health and hygiene related to water.

This World Water Day, we must endeavour to understand that water is about more than just quenching our thirst; it's a vital component in supporting economic, social and human development.

To say that water is an essential part of a balanced diet is to say the least. We can look at the following as a few of the many benefits of water:

Boosts our energy levels: it is a great source of energy, when taken in moderation as per requirements. Low water intake can lead to dehydration and the only way to overcome it is by drinking water. Our  energy levels shoot up immediately when we drink water, making us hydrated and active.

Feeds and cleans our cells: without enough water in the body, nutrients in the form of supplements and foods will find it difficult to be distributed smartly and efficiently in the body.

On a constant basis, water flows in and out of our cells, helping dissolve the vital nutrients and carrying them wherever needed and also removes waste out of the body. Water also feeds our cells with the energy they need to carry out their functions.

A natural detoxifying agent: in the body's natural process of detoxification, our kidneys perform the all-important role of removing wastes and harmful toxins that get accumulated in our body through food, environmental pollution and chemicals.

Water helps the kidneys to efficiently flush out the unwanted harmful elements from the body. So the more hydrated you are, the more effective the functioning of kidneys.

Gives a smoother and softer skin texture: our skin contains 30% water, which is what makes it supple and elastic. Without proper supply of water, our skins age and wrinkle faster. Drinking adequate water improves the skin's density and helps it look more youthful, smooth and firm.

Maintains an even body temperature: whether it is extremely hot or cold, water is crucial to keep you in the safe zone. In hot weather conditions, our body sweats a lot, thereby losing substantial quantity of water.

Drinking water helps the body from overheating and causing heat strokes and serious dehydration.

Similarly, during winters, hypothermia is as serious as heat stroke. Studies conducted in severe cold conditions reveal that dehydration is the number one cause of frostbites.

All this knowledge must turn us serious towards water and its conservation. Safe and pure water supply is a serious problem to mankind in present times.

With modernisation, industrial development, use of chemicals in agriculture and waste disposal, both surface and ground water are getting more and more polluted each day.

Through World Water Day, we want to see an increase in the quality of education and initiatives across the world to raise awareness on the importance of water conservation and maintaining and managing water resources.

According to WHO, there are more than 663 million people living without safe water supply close to their home, spending countless hours on queuing or on trekking to distant sources, and facing the health impacts of using contaminated water.

(The writer is founder & chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt Ltd)

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