Retired FDA 'extends' service

Retired FDA 'extends' service

Naik employed for five years at govt office even after retirement

N H Naik retired as First Division Assistant at the District Employment Exchange in the City during May 2005. He is said to have entered into an “understanding” with other staff and continued to attend the office even after retirement.

The incident came to light when the members of Janashakti Forum, who got wind of the “extended service,” made an inquiry at the office.

There are nine posts at the District Employment Exchange. However only three employees - a Second Division Assistant and a ‘D’ group employee - are on duty and the rest of the vacancies are yet to be filled up.

Staff crunch

Taking advantage of the staff shortage, Naik, continued to come for duty even after retirement. The Employment Officer at Dharwad exchange is in-charge of the Karwar office too. However, the five long years of unauthorised extended service of a retired employee has come as an enigma for the authorities.