No water woes in Udupi this summer

No water woes in Udupi this summer

Speaking to Deccan Herald, ZP CEO Pranesh Rao said “enough funds have been allotted for all the Gram Panchayts to set right the drinking water woes. The district has not come across any serious problems of drinking water till date. We hope to be so till the monsoon commences,” he said.

As many as Rs 522.60 lakh was invested for the purpose of drinking water schemes in the year 2009-10. Of which, Rs 60 lakh from MLAs Task Force fund, Rs 88.60 lakh from Special Component plan (SCP) and Tribal sub plan.

For the year 2010-11, Zilla Panchayat has received Rs 10 lakh from each MLA fund. An action plan at an estimated cost of Rs 50 lakh has been sent to Deputy Commissioner Hemalatha for approval. Once she approves the plan, the entire sketch will be executed accordingly, Rao informed.

‘Act quickly’

All the Taluk Panchayats Executive Officers and Assistant Executive Engineers in the district have been asked jointly to take care of the drinking water plans to avoid future hassles. In the process, if they spot any problem, they should immediately inform Zilla Panchayat for further actions. Currently, no water supply schemes are taken up and pipe wells are burrowed in the district, he said.

Paduvari in Byndoor, Ambalpadi in Udupi, Padukere and Gujjadi near Gangolli were the areas that encountered acute shortage of drinking water during previous years.
However, the district received normal to heavy rainfall during monsoon. Yet there is no assurance that the water bodies are insulated against the drought.

With cloudy atmosphere prevailing in the district for the last one week, Udupi will definitely get good showers.