It's time to roll out those carpets...

It's time to roll out those carpets...

It's time to roll out those carpets...

Good interior decor not only enhances the look of the house but also uplifts the mood of its dwellers. Thereby, interior designing is as essential as the intelligent planning of the building that will eventually be a home. Adding elements such as drapes, blinds, and cushions that complement the overall theme of the house can be an exhilarating experience. Often, a lot of importance is laid on doing up the walls and bringing in art pieces and not much thought is lent to decorating the floors. But, using carpets or rugs on the floor can take the look of any room a few notches high.

So much to choose from

No wonder, carpets are now being treated on par with artworks while tailoring the fine details of aesthetically planned interiors. Interestingly, carpets have a rich history and date back to the times when palaces were deemed incomplete without them.

The history of carpets in India dates back to the 16th century when Mughal Emperor Akbar invited Persian weavers to set up workshops in the palace and his successors encouraged the development of this craft. Though the motifs used in those carpets were purely Persian, over the years, various other designs were introduced to give it a contemporary feel.

It goes without saying that carpets are one of the most exciting, the most immediately noticeable elements of home decor.

There are a variety of carpets available in the market in terms of design, material and budget today. With regard to design, one finds carpets from various regions across the globe in many styles, from modern, traditional to braided and southwestern. They also come in a wide range of materials like nylon, wool, cotton, jute, acrylic, polypropylene... you name it.

These materials have their own set of pros and cons and one needs to choose wisely based on requirements and taste. While carpets in wool and silk look elegant and suit a living room the best, the ones in jute and cotton are for children's rooms as they need to be cleaned often. For bedrooms and study, the general trend is to choose wall-to-wall carpets that lend a plush and a cosy feel.

Carpets are now being increasingly explored by homeowners owing to the many advantages. Like, it adds to the glamour quotient of the house and keeps the feet warm in winters, especially in homes with granite and marble flooring. They prove to be very advantageous in a home with children as they cushion them against falls. They are also great for the acoustics of a home as they absorb most of the sound. Not to forget that carpets are much cheaper than hard surface flooring and also a lot easier to maintain.

An innovative way in which carpets can be used is as space markers. Today, when the plan of most homes is open, carpets could be used to mark out spaces for the sitting area, dining area, and so on. However, choosing a carpet is not an easy job. It requires a lot of planning. For, the carpet chosen has to go well with the rest of the decor. The rule of thumb should be to go for carpets that best suit our needs and the decor of the house.

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