Vivid hair colours now in vogue

Vivid hair colours now in vogue

More open companies don't discriminate against people with multi-hued hair.

The city is witnessing a big change in hair colour trends. From the burgundy, chocolate browns and reds, many are moving to vivid colours.

Silver and unicorn are trending colours this season, but you also see many hues of green, blue, purple and pink on tresses in Bengaluru.

Neelam Kamall, a hairstylist at Neil’s Studio, says, “Hair colour is influenced by an individual’s personality. A majority who come for vivid colours usually have bold personalities, and enjoy being the focus of attention.” A minority chooses vivid colouring to experiment, she says.

“There are different ways to go about it. A procedure I use is colour melt where I mix two or three colours in a seamless way to give the hair a subtle look,” Neelam explains.

Raphael Emileenaa, a hairstylist at One Chair Story, lists three reasons for the popularity of vivid colours. “The first is change. The second is a life-changing or life-altering event that makes the customer want a change. The third is simply to be part of a trend noticed on Instagram,” she says.

As the corporate world slowly opens up, it judges people on their potential and not on the basis of their hair colour, she says. Rutica Dey, who has painted her hair a vivid purple, says, “Colouring my hair makes me feel more fun mentally and physically. The rest of me is black and white.”

Rainbow tresses

If you want any vivid colour, purple or silver, remember the procedure is lengthy. Find a good hairstylist. Explain clearly what you want. Look after your hair once it is coloured.

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