FIH holds back HI's official recognition

State units must merge: Cohen

In a letter congratulating the IOA for constituting Hockey India, FIH Secretary General Peter L Cohen welcomed the move but insisted that the body has to unify the associations at state level to get its approval.

“We would like to congratulate you on the creation of one single body to look after Hockey for both men and women in India. This was mandatory in the hosting and organising of the 12th FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup at New Delhi,” Cohen wrote in his letter to the IOA.

“We are happy that you have adhered to the FIH time guidelines on the formation of Hockey India. We trust you will be forming single state hockey bodies for both men and women as well for the smooth functioning of the game in the states.

“The new State Associations have to be formally accepted as members of Hockey India. Immediately, we receive your confirmation that this has happened, FIH will formally recognise Hockey India as the sole governing body for hockey, men and women. When this is completed, Hockey India will be entitled to participate in all FIH events and activities,” he added.

However, in a hurriedly convened press conference here on Saturday, newly-appointed Hockey India President AK Mattoo announced that they have received recognition from the FIH and now their priority is to create single bodies in the states.

“We have received recognition from the FIH. The IOA has already given Hockey India provisional recognition and the Sports Ministry has also been informed.

“Now the main task on our hand is to create similar bodies in the states,” he told reporters.

Mattoo made it clear that the interim seven-member governing council of Hockey India is not there to hang around and would declare elections within the stipulated time frame.
“We have been given time frame and we have already started our work to form single units at state levels and I assure you we will do so within six months,” he said.

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