'Today, love is like fast food'

'Today, love is like fast food'


'Today, love is like fast food'

Kunchacko Boban is the quintessential chocolate hero. One of the promising younger breed of actors in the South Indian film industry, he has played the lover boy to perfection in almost all his films.

 Kunchacko just can’t shed that chocolate boy tag. “On one side it’s a liability but on the flip side you never grow old,” Kunchacko told Metrolife.

His first brush with the big screen was with Malayalam film Aniyathipravu, then he did Harikrishnans and Niram soon after. “I want to break free from the bondage of a typecast but it’s a slow transition. Just like any other actor I’d like to don every conceivable character. I would like to grow wiser with every movie,” he says. He largely acts in Malayalam films and has dabbled with a couple roles in the Tamil industry as well.

It’s hard to picturise Kunchacko in an action thriller or even a horror movie. Another trait of the roles essayed by this young actor is comedy. But romantic roles seem to beckon him each time.

What’s his take on love? “I think today love isn't as deep as it used to be. It’s instant attraction that the young people would like to call love. Today, love is like fast food. It’s readymade. But I think couples are also more practical when it comes to choosing their partners,” he observes.

Commenting on big screen actors hosting reality shows on television, Kunchacko says, “As an actor you can act in any medium. But it’s a wee bit difficult to see people like Amitabh Bachchan or Mammootty acting in serials or even hosting a show,” he says.

Talking about the infighting in the film industry between senior and junior artistes which is present across board, he says, “Things are usually blown out of proportion for that extra mileage. That must be avoided. It must be solved within the film circuit.” 

An introvert that he is Kunchacko says an actor can never guard his private life for too long.

“Unless you open up to the ordinary people, they will not identify with you,” he sums up.