What it takes to make the alpha male

What it takes to make the alpha male


The way you dress and style your hair all have a major impact on the first impression you create.

Being negligent about your grooming routine and your wardrobe will cost
you - on the job in terms of salary (better-looking people earn more) and in the dating realm. Lastly, pay attention to your hands.

Sex appeal

You don’t have to look like a movie star to have sex appeal. What you do need is the right body language, a healthy dose of  confidence, good conversation skills, a  talent for flirting and an amazing cologne.

Get up and go

While possessing the previously mentioned elements of erotic capital will certainly increase your chances of finding yourself between the sheets with a potential mate, poor performance in this department will send your erotic stock plummeting.

Fortunately, sexual skills are learned rather than innate, so, start reading books and articles on the topic to improve your bedroom know-how.

Focus on finding ways to increase your sexual stamina, such as tantric practices and Kegel exercises.

Equally important in enhancing your sexual competence is figuring out the fine points involved in giving great oral sex and committing to the time involved - it takes most women around 20 minutes to achieve orgasm on average and a mind-blowing finish will immediately secure you a top spot on her list of lovers.

Bonus points for asking about her fantasies and then making them come true.


Men with a high erotic net worth are charming, persuasive, playful, witty, polite, and good conversationalists.To become adept at socialising, read voraciously and stay on top of current events as well as what's hot in film, television, business, and technology.

Also, don’t take yourself too seriously, as the capacity to laugh at yourself and take life’s mishaps in stride shows self-confidence, which is infinitely more appealing than being uptight.

Shape up

Having a high erotic net worth is practically synonymous with being in shape. A sexy body indicates virility and vigour, which in women’s minds translates into stamina and dynamite sack sessions.

The right clothes will also go a long way toward creating the illusion of a perfect body.  Studies also suggest that taller men earn more, so give yourself a height advantage with shoes that have a half-inch heel.