MPs' pay to shoot up 100%

MPs' pay to shoot up 100%

From Rs 42K, it may go up to Rs 80K

MPs' pay to shoot up 100%

Look who is bearing the burden! PTI

The current salary of a member, including perks, comes to about Rs 42,000 per month and the government is hiking it to a minimum of Rs 80,000.

Charandas Mahant, MP, who is heading a committee formed last year to go into MPs salaries and allowances, discussed the proposal with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday. The report is likely to be discussed at the Cabinet meeting slated for Thursday. It will be placed before the Lok Sabha on Friday for approval. On previous occasions, the LS has approved such proposals without discussion.

The Mahant committee has said since MPs’ positions are higher in protocol compared to government secretaries, they should get more pay than the latter. At present, a secretary gets around Rs 80,000 as salary besides 47 per cent Dearness Allowance which together come to Rs 1.2 lakh per month on an average.

The panel is said to have argued that the government should enhance the salaries of MPs to more than Rs 1.2 lakh or at least more than the Rs 80,000 that a secretary gets without DA.

 At present, a member gets a salary of Rs 16,000, Rs 20,000 as constituency allowance and Rs 6,000 towards stationery allowance. He/she will also get up to Rs 14,000 towards staff but this amount will directly go to the bank account of the staff. Other perks include free travel on both Indian Railways and business class by air, constituency allowance, daily allowance for signing the Parliament roster, free electricity and phone etc.

As regards air travel, they can make 34 trips to Delhi from their constituencies apart from those for attending meetings. As regards train travel, there is no restriction. They are entitled to travel in the highest class along with their spouse besides a companion who can travel in second AC.