Today's letters

Today's letters

Political degradation

Sir, It is indeed unfortunate that incidents of 'rape' involving politicians and their relatives are surfacing after several months and Karnataka is becoming the 'Rape Capital of India' .The State's Agriculture Minister resigned recently after his 'unwanted aggression' on a friend's wife came to light after four months.Now a son of a Congressman has been booked for raping a girl who sought employment ! While our learned Home Minister, Dr.V.S.Acharya has confirmed that Halappa would be treated like Nithyananda,it is not known why Halappa has done the vanishing trick.The CID is preparing to 'arrest' Halappa shortly and a special cell is being located to house him.Also,dry fruits and milk are being purchased for Halappa's consumption after arrest !! Just as the sleaze Swamy was fed in his cell !
If our Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues feel that Halappa is being framed,then perhaps they might also know his whereabouts.On the whole,when the State Government should be fighting the rising prices of essential commodities,it is rather disturbing to find that ministers are busy with the developments in a rape case involving their colleague !

Kanakapura Main Rd

Bangalore 560 062

Isolate Pakistan
It is high time terrorists den Pakistan is isolated and boycotted by all nations on the lines of South Africa when it was practicing apartheid.Apart from this,UN  should take over its nuclear facilities to avoid their misuse by Pakistan Time and again, it has been proved beyond doubt that Pakistan is the cradle of training centers for terrorists especially Islamic terrorism which is playing havoc on world peace.This should be realised by one and all especially US which is supporting this rougish country in spite of its wanton failure in eradicating terrorist training centers from its soil.There is point in  trusting the civilian administration of Pakistan as the real power lies in the hands of its defence forces and the dreaded ISI.


Organic shift 
Cautiously, but convincingly, farmers of Katewadi in Baramati district, Maharashtra have embraced organic farming, bidding farewell to pesticides and chemical fertilisers for the sake of their own health and that of their crops. The transition began around 2004 when Katewadi’s 848 farmers, who grow sugarcane, grapes, pomegranate, wheat and banana, were made aware of the economic and health benefits of putting away the toxic spray.“When farmers who adopted organic farming methodology started getting better yield, many others like me also gave a shot to organic manures, which, besides increasing the yield, also improved the health of the soil,” said Shital Kumar Kate, a farmer who grows table variety on his 12 acres of land. Kate himself prepares the manure he uses in his farm with cow dung, cow urine, jiggery, flour and water, and calls it ‘Jeevamruta’ i.e. life for the soul (human beings). This precious news is worth spreading all over India.

Hansraj Bhat
Borivali (W), Mumbai, 400092

The buck stops nowhere
The Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement that  existing law does not provide for any scope  for the ministry  to take Medical Council of India  head on is a sad confession(No power to stem rot in MCI:Azad-5/05/10)
If the restriction of law is the excuse in the case of MCI,the nation is too well aware of  how despite existing laws in many cases of corruption involving political heavy weights have been overlooked just to stay in power. CBI in 2005 gave a clean chit to MCI chairman. History of governance in India is replete with such examples and this is how corruption is holding the nation to ransom.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

Abolish electronic voting machines
The advanced countries like Germany,France etc., have abolished the system of conducting election through electronic voting machine(EVMS). The election commission of India should take adecision in conformity with these developed countries to abolish the EVMS during elections.Further the election commission of India while conducting election by an alernate system of method of voting should make a provision in such a method of voting that the voter should be given full freedom to reject all the candidates in the fray to enable the electorates to exercise their franchise in no body's favour, as to accept the candidate or reject a candidate is the fundamental right of every citizen of India.

B S Raghavendra Rao
BSK 3rd.Stage,

Citizen unfriendly service
On reading about the much hyped KSRTC online ticket booking — Awatar service — I tried to book tickets. However, even after transferring money from my credit card account, I was shocked to learn that the seats had not been blocked, and a message asking me to contact KSRTC for a refund flashed on my screen. This is because the time available for the entire booking process is only 7 minutes, after which, the sale goes through, but the tickets are not booked. How unfair can Government organizations be? There's no warning whatsoever. I had to contact a range of officials over phone wasting precious time & money before I got a refund after 4-5 working days. It is difficult even for an IT professional to complete the process within 7 minutes. How useful can this service be to ordinary citizens? The site should revert to homepage or refresh (as in the case of airline sites)if the 7 minute deadline is crossed, and not continue on to the Banking page. Also, an onscreen timecounter should be displayed. Are the authorities reading this?

Srihari S R