'I'm open to any script'

'I'm open to any script'

Anushka Sharma has made it big in Bollywood with her sheer dedication

'I'm open to any script'

And Anushka has several reasons to cheer this bad company. “Badmaash Company captures, the dreams and aspirations of young people. I play a vulnerable, sensuous young woman in the movie,” Anushka told Metrolife.

This young lady who started off on the ramp hit the big screen pretty quickly. She was called in for auditions and even before she knew what was happening, her small but substantial roles were appreciated and noticed by giants in the industry. She soon got her break to act alongside SRK whom she adores and calls nothing less than an ultimate professional. And after a film with SRK, Anushka's been inhabiting an altogether different plain.

“I would like to dip my fingers into every role. I am open to any script. An actor must be experimental,” she says.

The character in every film stays with Anushka for a long time. In her next film Patiala House which is largely shot in London, she plays a woman who is abused.
Anushka believes in going with the flow and says she takes things as it comes without being too choosy or finicky about the kind of roles that come her way.

“The simple things that you do with loads of dedication will surely pay off,” she avers. Why didn’t this Bangalore lass stick it out in Sandalwood first before taking the first leap to Bollywood?

“I had my first offer from Bollywood so I thought I would begin and firm up here before trying elsewhere,” she confesses.

Bangalore is home for Anushka. “How hot is it there right now,” she asks eagerly. “Bangalore is never known to be so hot. Although I have moved with my bag and baggage to Mumbai, I go to Bangalore to spend time with my family and friends who still live there,” she wraps up.