Student upset over missing marks

Student upset over missing marks

Neritti, a student of Cathedral College, was shocked when she could not find her results online. Her results have apparently been withheld because her internal scores in French have not reached the Department of Pre University Education.

“There was an error in my hall ticket. My second language  is French, but the hall ticket said Kannada. I got that corrected before the exam. However, I am not sure if the college had informed the department about it,” Neritti said.

The college asked her to get in touch with the department. However, they have in turn referred her back to the college. “It is very depressing. I just got a glimpse of my marks at the department. I want to apply for  revaluation in one of the subjects, but I can’t do so without my marks sheet,” she lamented.

Neritti’s mother added that they had spoken to the director  of the department on Friday, who assured them of sorting out the issue by Saturday. “However, it being a second Saturday, we will have to come on Monday,” she said.

Department Director D H Shankarnarayan said only one such complaint had come to his notice. “The college has not sent the student’s marks. We will look into the matter on Monday,” he said.