Best friends score same marks

Best friends score same marks


Urvashi Suddhindra

Like any other normal PUC candidate, Urvashi too had her share of ups and downs in the two years she spent in Christ Junior College. But as she passed each hurdle, her confidence only grew. She came fifth in the arts stream in the State, something she had never expected.

Her mother Uma said, “She is an average teenager who enjoys her share of movies, takes part in dance programmes, goes out with friends and at the same time is focussed in whatever she does. Her marks came as a pleasant surprise and the family is really happy.”

Insisting that she had no success mantra, Urvashi says her motto from the start was to get above 85 per cent and is more than satisfied with the 92.3 per cent that she got. “To be honest, there were times when I used to study only three days before the exam. Even for the finals, it was only during the three months break that I brushed up my subjects,” she said.

Apart from being very sincere in attending classes and taking part in class discussions, Urvashi participated in other activities as well.

Her school principal Father Jose said, “She was a very studious and sincere girl and was an active member in many of the social activities in the college. The institution is proud of her and we know she has the potential to achieve more.”

With an ambition of working in the UN, this bright girl is surely a role model for many.

Megha Shenoy

Megha Menon

Ecstatic, was what Meghna Menon felt, when she saw her PUC marks. Though she was hoping for a high percentage, a fifth rank in the State was something she did not expect. Her preparation for the second PUC started from day one, “Everyday I spent a few hours revising what was taught to me and as the examinations approached I simply studied a little more,” she explained.

Meghna made sure she had her priorities in order. While her primary focus was academics, she also dabbled in the other opportunities that the college offered. “I was active in extracurricular activities,” she said while adding, “we were a group of six girls, who enjoyed being part of the activities and were usually the toppers in class.” What’s more, Meghna actually shares the same marks and rank with her best friend Urvashi. “I am so glad that even when it came to marks we ended up getting the same,” she said.

Principal, Father Jose added, “Meghana was active in many club activities and debates. We always encourage our students to take part in both academics and cultural events.”
Meghna’s father Vijay says that she always set goals which allowed her to make time for every opportunity that came her way. “From the start she was very clear that she did not want to be a doctor or an engineer.

But she did grab all the opportunities that was offered in her field of interest. As parents, we gave our full support in everything she did,” Vijay said. As for her next step, Meghna has already got a seat in Christ University but is also waiting her CLAT marks.