Cool dad with passion for freewheeling

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Cool dad with passion for freewheeling

Although he looked like a melting ice cube, Chris Pfeiffer, the champion motorbike stunter from Germany kept his cool composure while signing endless autographs, posing for pictures and charming the adoring crowd who had come to watch him perform in the City. “I prefer my skill to be known as freewheeling bike tricks rather than stunts as there is a lot of creativity involved in the act – it’s not just testosterone fuelled bravado,” he emphasises.

His role model is Antonio Carlos ‘AC’ Farias, the Brazilian-born godfather of modern streetbike stunt riding. “When he started out in 1981, there were no tricks to copy, no videos to learn from and no stunt community to support him. His motivation was never money or fame, just his passion for riding. The day my passion dries up and I feel that there are no challenges left for me, I will quit,” he says.

Married with three children, his wife Renate is a sportswoman herself who supports her husband’s passion. “The only downside is that I travel so much and my family cannot come with me because of our children’s education. My kids think that I am the coolest dad ever. In fact, my two daughters aged 7 and 9 do their own version of my stunts on their bikes. My son is only two so he has a couple of years left. I was just five when I first started out,” he avers. What are his thoughts on women stunters? “There is definitely scope for women to enter the field, especially on the smaller, lighter bikes. They will add a glamour quotient to the sport. Right now there are only a couple of French and American, women who are known in the world of street bike stunting,” he says.

How does he keep fit and flexible? “I do a lot of cycling, stretches and cardio. No weights. I also eat sensibly — I love food and make it a point to try the local cuisine when I travel,” he says, adding, “in India, I confess that I find most of the dishes really fiery – even though I ask them to tone down the spices.”

What advice does he have for wannabe stunters? “Never try dangerous tricks on the road. Always keep to safe regulated spaces, wear helmets and protective gear and above all have fun!”

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