Today's letters

Today's letters

Indisciplined ministers
Sir,  This refers to ‘Jairam’s foot in mouth puts govt in tight spot’ (DH, May 11). The UPA II has never functioned as a cohesive unit, speaking in one voice. Using the excuse of compulsions of coalition politics Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has allowed his ministers to be indisciplined. The ministers are not answerable to the prime minister but to their own party bosses. Even the ministers from his own party behave as though they have to be loyal only to Sonia or Rahul Gandhi as they owe their posts to them. Never before in the history of Independent India the PM’s position had been compromised to this extent.

Subramanian Venkataraman

Ramesh does it again
The trouble with Jairam Ramesh, Union Environment and Forest Minister is that he takes his job seriously and  he is an intellectual and thinker not afraid to openly express his views .This  lands him in all sorts of trouble (Jairam's foot in mouth-11/05/10). May be in China he was overwhelmed and that made him indiscreet to the extent of criticising his senior colleague the home minister from the foreign soil. Rightly, he was chastised by the Prime Minister.It is unlikely he will be eased out like Tharoor.He is pro-active and evinces deep commitment on environmental issues.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
Mysore 570009

Irrelevant concept
Sir, The unbending attitude of the chieftains of the Khap Panchayats about marriages within the same Gotra, displays an utter lack of knowledge about the ancient scriptures. The very concept of Gotra has totally lost its significance in the modern times. These are the names of the Rishis from whom we claim to derive our ancestry. These sages existed thousands of years ago, and over the passage of time, due to inter-mingling in the society, the characteristics inherited from the original bloodline have undergone a sea change. As such, sticking to these out-dated concepts does not serve any purpose; apart from leading to avoidable disturbances in the social life of the concerned people.

Arun Malankar,
Santa Cruz

US should introspect
This is with regards to Secretary of state USA  Hilary Clinton’s warning to Pakistan that  any terror incident in the US will result into terror consequences for Pakistan.The articulations by Ms. Hilary Clinton in the wake of nuclear weapons era are unsound and unjustifiable and reflect her political immaturity and arrogance of power .The United States should realize terrorism has turned into a universal problem and most of the countries are affected by this global phenomenal and not just USA.. The United States should introspect as it is USA which has  been a catalyst for the bloodbath, innocent killing, and perturbed lives of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Syed Khaja
Old Rajender Nagar
New Delhi-60

Backward step by Jindal

Congress MP Jindal has assured the khap panchayat leaders of taking up their case with the government for possible consideration of including the banning of marriages between persons of same gothras in the laws of the country.Rightly an young  MP of the ruling party,supposed to be well educated and belonging to gen next, taking this backward looking custom of his constituency  is outrageous.Quite often we hear of child marriages and even sati burning in places like Rajasthan, still taking place. Could any of those supporting these barbaric customs go to an MP and plead for an amendment to the laws of the country? Should an MP, to preserve his support base among voters assure them to  take up their cause in parliament? Is it not the job of the MP to put his foot down and take steps to educate the public of these pernicious and reprehensible practices instead of going along with them?      

C S Hayavadana Rao
 Subramanyapur P O

All  Pay, No Work
The joint parliamentary committee’s recommendation for the proposed hike in salary of MPs from the present Rs. 16000 to Rs. 80000 shows that they stand united and cut across the party line only when it relates to increased pay and perks.   Most of the Members of Parliament do not show endurance to sit in Parliament and take part in the debates.   Nobody has grudge over the pay hike for MPs provided the present pay is not commensurate with the present cost of living.   If the real salary of MPs is Rs. 38 lakhs per annum inclusive of all freebies given to them, the monthly salary amounts to Rs. 3.17 lakhs.   This is for 81 sittings in a year of 365 days.     At this rate, each sitting fetches the MPs Rs. 3913.  The present salary perks are enough to put on hold hike in salary at least for a period of another 15 years.