Politics has entered universities, says Governor

Politics has entered universities, says Governor

  Addressing a gathering during the 22nd meeting of Indian Agriculture Institute (IAI) in the University of Agricultural Science premises here the governor said, “the government has not bothered to appoint the new Vice-Chancellor to the Univerity of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, though it fell vacant three months ago.

Research activities

The UAS should be places to carry out research activities, but politics has slowly entered the campuses in the recent past. More autonomy should be given to the UAS to end such activities. Hence, the State government should act immediately,” he advised.

The quality of education in universities is coming down as people without vision are ruling them, Bhardwaj said and added Bangalore and Mysore are chosen to implement developmental projects, while areas in Mumbai-Karnataka and Hyderabad-Karnataka region are neglected.  Hence, the agricultural scientists should concentrate on these regions for their research activities as they have abundant natural resources, the Governor added.

 “Today’s biggest challenge is food security. The governments are neglecting agriculture sector at a time when the agricultural should get top priority. There is no need to feel proud about rise in milk production as many people are unable to get  quality milk,” he observed.
A new law about food quality should come into effect,” the governor noted.