Water woes drown BBMP Council meet once again

Water woes drown BBMP Council meet once again

Though the water problems from different wards remained similar, no concrete decision was taken to solve the water crisis in the City.

The only silver lining was that BBMP promised to provide four new borewells to every new ward from the old CMC areas and two borewells to the existing wards facing water problems.

Similarly, BWSSB assured three borewells to old CMC wards and two for every core area wards. Besides this, the Mayor S K Nataraj in his address said that every BWSSB assistant executive engineer from their sub-division must conduct a meeting every month with each corporator to ascertain their problems.  

The problems put forth by the corporators were many. Insufficient water supply, need for more borewells, valve men demanding bribe and not distributing water equally in all the area, less number of jetting machines to solve clogged sanitary pipelines, drivers demanding bribes up to Rs 3,000, need for smaller jetting machines to enter narrow lanes and AEE not answering phone calls were among the issues raised. Many corporators even named the AEE concerned to be suspended, while others cited problems of water contamination.

BWSSB Chairman Ramamurthy in his address briefed about all the existing and future projects of BWSSB. When corporators demanded the chairman to give solutions to the existing problems, he said that until 2011, the old CMC areas will not be provided with Cauvery water.  "We cannot bring water from any other State now. We will have to use our resources and make maximum use to fight water problems in the City until Greater Bangalore Water Supply Project (GBWSP) gets initiated in 2011," he said.