Identity crisis: A life left behind

Identity crisis: A life left behind

Feeling Awesome A scene from the film.

“Shrek” series seem to be getting better and bigger with each time a new film comes out. Supposedly to be the last in the installment, “Shrek Forever After” packed in 3D glory is even more appealing to movie goers—kids and adults alike. Our lovable ogre Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) is tied up with his wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and three little green kids.

However, Shrek is bored with the routine daily life of family dinners and domestic chores. He thinks that he has become too friendly with everyone around and thus wants to get back to his old days — as a really angry ogre — when everyone was terrified of him.

Now, Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn-seen in the first “Shrek” film) returns to take revenge on Shrek for rescuing Princess Fiona, then marrying her and leaving him without his ‘self respect’. He offers a chance to the ogre to be his real self again and terrorise people...
The storyline gets a little complicated yet “Shrek Forever After” is one sequel that actually outdo the first part. Unlike the previous two series where there were many flaws in the script, this installment has a clear cut expressionist’s view in the setup and in short it keeps you glued to each passing frame.

In addition, there is a smooth flow of transition and uniformity in the settings. The direction skills make the 3D viewing much more mobile and lively. And Cameron Diaz voice retains its appeal as Fiona. So do Banderas, Murphy and Myers.

Some ninety-plus minutes of eyeball popping animation drama turns “Shrek Forever After” into a sweet, 15-minute lovers’ encounter.

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