'Kites' opens in Top 10 at US Box Office

'Kites' opens in Top 10 at US Box Office

'Kites' opens in Top 10 at US Box Office

Released by Reliance Big Pictures, the Rakesh Roshan-produced film grossed an estimated USD 1 million for the period of May 21-23, ranking just behind the ninth-place film 'How to Train Your Dragon' which has grossed over USD 210 million.

Directed by Anurag Basu, 'Kites' has been praised by US film critics and has generated the most number of mainstream reviews ever for a Bollywood film on opening day.

It has earned an exceptionally high 85 percent score on RottenTomatoes.com, a popular film review aggregator website in US.

In India, Kites soared to the second biggest opening day gross in history trailing only '3 Idiots'. In addition, the film has opened at number five at the UK box office.

This Friday, on May 28, an international version of the film titled 'Kites- The Remix' will open in select theaters in US.

It is presented by Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, focuses more on the action and runs 90 minutes in length.

Some theaters across North America will be playing both versions simultaneously giving fans a choice in their viewing experience.