New beats for old souls

New beats for old souls

Original Magic

New beats for old souls

There is nothing like an original. Be it a book, story, script, acting and even movie titles, most people always enjoy the original version more than a copy. But when it comes to music, there is always a mixed opinion.

With the release of the remix version of the classic Amitabh Bachchan-number Apni To Jaise Taise in Housefull, one wonders how many still prefer remix versions of songs. To many, the remix version of a classic song, shows lack of creativity. But there are those who feel an old song, when remixed, has a whole new sound.

Some purists believe that old songs in any language should not be remixed at all. “I feel classic Hindi songs should be left as they are as they trigger off many unforgettable memories and the addition of fast beats, which is generally the case, spoils the beauty of the song,” says Isheeta, a student. While Bhavya feels that there are some songs that sound good after improvisation. “I feel certain English songs do sound good with some different beats added to them. But Indian songs are spoilt because a remix, according to most musicians, is the addition of rap alone,” she adds.

There are times when a remix version, used in movies, is very apt to the theme of the film. Tel Malish in Road Movie is a good example of that. In the case of Ananth Mahadevan’s Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, old numbers of R D Burman songs were retained as a tribute to the legendary artiste. “Though the songs were remixed, they didn’t go very far away from the original. In such cases, it makes a good listen,” says Rohit, a working professional.

Certain remixes truly add an additional nail to an already hopeless movie. But the popular Helen number Mehbooba of Sholay sure did not bring in the required glam factor to Ram Gopal Varma’s version of the classic. “It all depends on how tastefully the remix is done,” says Josh, who has just completed his second PUC.

Then there is also the question of familiarity. Would the younger generation really be aware of old songs if not for the remixes? “To an extent, yes. So many times, we are not even aware whether the song has an original version. But I guess what many music directors hope to bring through remixes is to recreate the same magic for the younger crowd as well,” adds Josh.