Writer's garden

Writer's garden

Writer's garden

A Shadow Of A Teacher

A Teacher
Is someone like a parent
who takes us
from dark to light
A person
who is someone like a god
who loves us & showers
Blessing on us
A one
Like a close friend
Helps us in  every path of life
And like a shadow
In our whole life
Remains somewhere in us.

I am alone

Looking up at the stars
saying to myself so many things
sitting alone in my room &
writing my every feeling in my diary
sitting on the terrace
Thinking that I am alone
Then suddenly a sweet voice
Rises deep in my soul
That says
Be happy & peaceful

Mom & Dad

U r my life where everything is possible but I feel
the most wonderful thing as u & ever u r the best
friend of mine when I share all my secrets you say
which is right & wrong u put all u r strength
& love & carefor me u r the most beautiful
living things in the world

S Saranya VIII ‘A’
K.V. Beml Nagar, K.G.F.

We Are Developed

Stray dogs and cattle all over the roads,
Street urchins playing there
Unmindful of traffic hazard!
Young and old easing themselves
On the side-walks, if any;
No sex bar!

Throwing garbage on the street,
To keep their rat-holes,
The so called "houses clean and tidy"..
Here and there, you see mothers
Washing clothes and bathing
Their kids on pavements.
Rendering the "city of Gardens"
A Garbage city!

There, in the city of Muscat,
No stray dogs or cattle on the street,
Or street urchins easing on sidewalks
Absolutely, no throwing garbage
Or even spiting on streets
Because no interference by 'Netas '
We live in 'Democracy'
Can do any thing
May He save us!

Long live Bharat Mahan!

Ranjana Ranganath, V Standard, ‘A’ Section,
The East West School, Basavanagudi,

Yesterday’s Sunny Day

The day was sunny and bright,
not a cloud in sight
The ground was an ocean of flowers.
not a pearl of dew on them
Butterflies in their pretty frock
like little kids they came
out to play.

I closed my eyes for a minute
or two and opened my eyes,
and what a change!
The sky was dark, and the
clouds sulked,
the wind roared and the
thunder boomed.

The butterflies vanished
and the flowers backed
up like little frightened pups.

The mist came in on little cat feet,
and hugged me with it’s
cold hands, and what
a difference it made.

Now I understood that time
won’t wait.

The world runs past us,
for none it waits
Every small moment, a
moment of hope
Your life lies in your hands
make the best of it now
Any time the world may roar
any time the world may sing,
like yesterday’s sunny day

Tara C Babu VI ‘B’ I.T.I Central School.

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