Waiting for the grand kick-off

Waiting for the grand kick-off

Waiting for the grand kick-off

sporty Football is a much-watched game for its pace and short duration.

The countdown has begun! Football enthusiasts are all set to witness one of the most exciting events in the history of sports — the FIFA World Cup 2010, scheduled to take place between June 11 and July 11 in South Africa. Metrolife asked some football freaks in the City about their favourite teams and their plans to watch the matches.

Dhilish, a student, has been into football since 1998. “When Ziddane scored two headers during that Cup, he became one of my favourite players.” He adds, “The most exciting thing about the World Cup is it that it happens once in four years. It’s a religion especially in countries like South America and Europe.” He notes, “It’s one of the most beautiful sports because of its simplicity. Games like cricket and hockey require a lot of equipment but in football, all you need is a football and a couple of people and you get a great game.” When it comes to club matches, Dhilish’s favourite team is Chelsea and during the World Cup, he will be supporting Germany.

Rahul will be appearing for his exams during the World Cup. However, he will surely be taking time out for his favourite sport. Says the engineering student from Dayananda Sagar College, “It’s exciting to watch the best players from various clubs playing together. It’s a beautiful game to watch and moreover, there are no breaks in between,” he smiles. He recalls the fun he had during the 2002 World Cup. “I was in school and Brazil was supposed to play England in the quarter finals. We requested our principal to let us go. We went home and watched the match.” This time however, Rahul plans to call everyone home whenever he can and watch the match.

Kavi, a graduate from Christ University, is rooting for France. Ask him on his plans and he jokes, “I can’t go to South Africa obviously. So I will probably watch it at a sports bar.” Kavi has been watching football for two years. “My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo though he doesn’t play for my favourite team.” The team work and the passing of the ball impress Kavi.

According to Abhinav, an associate at Google, sportsmen play their best when they play for their countries. “They are passionate about their countries,” he reasons. “There are different leagues in the world and you have the top players coming together for the World Cup.” His bets are on Argentina this time — the reason being Lionel Messi. “Currently, he is my favourite player and he is a one man army.”

Does he like football more than cricket? “Definitely,” he says. “The sheer pace of the game is really good. Every single person is involved in every single minute of the game without anyone waiting for his turn to come.” He adds, “The energy and the pace of the game make it enjoyable and that’s how every sport should be.”