Kundapur still mourns for air crash victims

Kundapur still mourns for air crash victims

The people of the taluk still mourn for the death of those eight persons, whose dreams remained dreams forever. While the news of death itself was shock for the relatives and friends, identifying the body was another tough task before them. The body of Arun Kumar Shetty of Samsadi in Nada was identified with the help of his passport. Arun Kumar Shetty, son of Sooliyanna Shetty, was supposed to get marry on June 2. The body of Arun Kumar Shetty, which was in a charred condition, was cremated soon after it reached his house on May 22.

Though the bodies of Ibrahim Haji, wife Sameena, children Issam and Reeda of Kirimanjeshwar were burnt in the mishap, it was not in a charred condition. Relatives faced difficulties only to identify daughter’s body. However, they could identify her body by collecting information on the dress she was wearing on the day of journey through relatives in Dubai.

The last rite rituals were conducted at the Bunder Juma Masjid and later all bodies were buried at Kirimanjeshwar at around 12 pm. Another ill-fated passenger Neha, who is a relative of Ibhrahim Haji family, was also identified easily. Neha, who is the sister of Sameena, was a PUC student of St Aloysius College in Mangalore. She was returning to Mangalore after spending her holidays with parents in Dubai. Her last rites were performed at Gangolli Juma Masjid on May 23 after her father Imtiyaz and mother Parvin’s arrival from Dubai.

The body of Shanthi Olivera, daughter of Charls Fernandes - Margaret couple of Padukone, was recovered in a complete charred condition. The jeans pants, T-shirt and gold chain helped relatives identify the body of Shanthi Olivera. Shanthi’s body was buried at Gangolly Chuch after the arrival of her husband Martin from Dubai.

Meanwhile, another ill-fated passenger Moulana Althaf of Gangolli, who was working in Dubai, was travelling in the Air India Express for medical check up. His body was identified through the DNA test result and was handed over to relatives on Wednesday. Body was buried at the Gangolli Juma Masjid.