Story of two confused souls

Story of two confused souls

Comic: A scene from the play Elling.

Elling, a play based on a Norwegian novel was staged at the Alliance Francaise De Bangalore recently by a local group of young actors called Dramanon. Elling is a heart-warming comedy with a sensitive story line, and basically narrates the tale of two young men who take their first tentative steps into the outside world after living in complete isolation in a mental institution for a couple of decades.

The two main protagonists are mommy’s boy Elling and his roommate, the uncouth Kjell Bjarne.They are the odd couple of Oslo; a pair of confused souls taking their first steps in the outside world after years of isolated, institutional life.

Given a flat in the city by the social services department, they must re-assimilate themselves into society or face a return to the asylum. So it’s simply a question of convincing their social worker that they are really normal — even if it does feel safer sleeping in the wardrobe.

Well played by an enthusiastic cast, Deepanjan Dey takes on the role of Elling while Anshu Bora plays Kjell Bjarne his rough roommate. Ably supported by Akhil Iyer, Nakul Bhalla, Nidhi Pant, Serena Punch, Sonali Kumar and Jerine Thomas, the play was directed by Sharanya Ramprakash.

“This play is one of those well-written psychological dramas that slips into your mind and helps you understand people who often seem like a mystery to the rest of us. I enjoyed the play during the performance, but I think I will appreciate it even more after a few days reflection,” said Christ College student Sudeep, who is also a part of an amateur theatre group.

“I really enjoyed it. The story is so simple, and yet deep but in a humourous way. I really felt for the characters and loved the way they developed throughout the play,” said Anuska Raghavan, another theatre buff.

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