Govt proposes urban employment scheme similar to NREGA

Govt proposes urban employment scheme similar to NREGA

The proposal, which focuses on generating employment and enhancing employability among less advantaged, is part of the short-term strategies and targets of the Government contained in the first 'Annual Report to the People on Employment'.
At present, states are under no obligation to implement revision of minimum wages by the Centre.

The report, released by the Ministry of Labour and Employment on Friday, has emphasised on achieving an employment growth rate of at least 2.5 per cent per annum compatible with the 9 per cent growth in the economy.

The Government has solicited comments and suggestions from the people on major issues highlighted in the report specially those relating to the employment of youth, women and disadvantaged groups.

The report has stressed that NREGA programme must reach out to all poor households with 100 days of assured employment and statutory provisions to provide social security and improved conditions of work and remuneration of contract workers at par with the regular employees.

Among its long-term goals, the report has sought to enhance the scope of employment in the organised sector and enhance regular employment for less advantaged groups especially in poorer states.

It has also called for a comprehensive coverage of unorganised sector workers under social security schemes and rationalisation and simplification of labour regulations and broadening the ambit of labour reforms.

The report favoured detailed skill mapping mechanism and creation of a credible and independent accreditation and certification process.Further, it has underscored the need for upgradation of all training providing institutions and strengthening delivery through PPP mode.